Does someone's love for visuals cohere with their love for audio?

Exploring the relationship between visuals and audio. Considering if someone's intrigue with certain visualisations compels them to listen to the songs these visuals represent. Is their like for these visuals reflected in their like for the correlating audio?

Touches on the notion of the Rorschach Inkblot Tests: Are there any images people see within these visualisations? Do these visuals bring about certain emotions?
Thought Process?

Reflecting on and playing with the notion of music reviews: Why do music reviews have to be written? What about visual music reviews?

Exploration and investigation into whether manual sound-visualisations cohere with their audio: Do soft, delicate songs produce cursive visuals? Do up-tempo rock songs produce harsher, more explosive visuals? Do different music genres produce different-styled audio-visuals?​​​​​​​ Are there any visual similarities between these same music genres?

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