As a graphic designer, audio-visual artist, and experimental music maker with a background in the performing arts, I can help propel your business on both visual and audible scales. Specialising in audio-visual ideation and artwork, editorial design, and vibrant yet curious content creation, my aim is to collaboratively work with you to create something you are super proud to share as part of your brand. As a self-taught music maker and vocalist, I also have a keen ear for engaging music, trend-worthy audio, and ability to create custom sonic assets to add another touchpoint to your brand: sonic logos, audio for social media, music for long-form videos and promotional content. Need social media templates? Album artwork? I’ve got you covered there too!

With my appreciation that no two businesses are the same, my services are tailored to what you would like to achieve and receive while working together. I like to work closely with you to understand what it is you truly want to accomplish, and to ultimately create positive experiences that resonate with your audience and which continuously attract this demographic back to your brand. My mission is to aid in the creation of meaningful positive change, community, enjoyment, personality, and engagement through visual and audible storytelling, ultimately allowing explorers and brand followers to find emotional connections with brands, their surrounding environments, and share experiences with communities. Fundamentally creating long-lasting and positive authentic connections, relationships, and memories.

SO – feeling curious? have an idea? wanna chat about all things weird + wonderful? let's talk! 
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